Level up your skills and achieve your career goals with Learning Lab

Embark on a 12-week virtual learning course for DesignOps practitioners to level-up skills with peers and experts.

Introducing the Learning Lab program

One of the biggest requests we get at DesignOps Assembly is opportunities to network and learn from our peers. We firmly believe that all DesignOps practitioners should be able to learn, share, and grow from each other without recreating the wheel.

The DesignOps role is growing rapidly across industries worldwide, so we created Learning Lab to help develop best practices, fuel career growth, create advocacy, and set clear examples of what “good” looks like.

Practical learning

A virtual 12 week program led by Learning Lab Professors who are at the top of the field and come ready to teach, share, and help careers move forward.

Carefully curated groups

Each cohort will be a curated group of 10-11 individuals who are either exploring DesignOps as a profession or are already established within DesignOps.

Topics based on skill level

There are three levels of Learning Lab, so attendees can focus on a specific area within DesignOps vs. a broad syllabus.

Cohort instructors


Adam Fry-Pierce

Chief of Staff, UX Leadership

Wolfram Thurm

Head of DesignOps
(Co-teaching with Mishy Walter)

Frances Yllana

Sr. Manager of DesignOps

Mishy Walter

Head of DesignOps
ANZ Bank
(Co-teaching with Wolfram Thurm)


Michelle Morrison

Design Strategy and Operations Leader

Farid Sabitov

DesignOps & Product Ops Enabler
EPAM Continuum


Courtney Kaplan

Leadership Coach
Iconic Leadership


Melanie Brook

Principal of CreativeOps

The Learning Lab levels

There are four levels of Learning Labs, so attendees can each focus on a specific area within DesignOps.

Lab 1: Fundamentals of DesignOps

Lab 2: Emerging Leaders

Lab 3: Established Leaders.  

Lab 4: Essentials of CreativeOps

The Learning Lab journey

Cohorts are application-based, carefully curated, and a gateway to raising the collective DesignOps IQ!

Step 1: Apply

Submit a quick questionnaire to help us place you in the optimal cohort. You’ll need to provide:

• Your contact information
• Your career experience around DesignOps
• Topics you are interested in chatting about

Step 2: Application Review

DesignOps Assembly and its Learning Lab Professors will review application responses, including experience, interest, and time zone of each applicant.

Accepted applicants will then be placed in a Learning Lab with folks with similar experience and levels.

Step 3: Notice of Acceptance

We’ll send out an email notifying each applicant if they have been accepted into the program. The notice will note when the classes will be held every other week. Please be flexible here. Just like college, this will be a set date & time every other week.

Please notify us immediately if you can no longer attend so we can allocate the space to someone from the waiting list.

Step 4: Payment and Scheduling

• Once you have been accepted into the program, we will send you a link for payment.
• Once payment has been made we’ll add you to your Learning Lab Slack Channel

• You and your cohort members will be added to the slack channel and align on scheduling with your Professor
• Session #1 will be scheduled by your Learning Lab Professor
• DOA will ensure everyone from the group is added to their specific Learning Lab Slack Channel

Step 5: Learning Lab Sessions Start

Session #1: Planning
Build trust, select topics to discuss over for future sessions.

Session #2 - #5: Deep Dive
Dive deep into topics that the entire cohort agrees to, such as:“How do you measure the value of DesignOps within your company?“What are the frameworks you have used to build out L&D on the design team?“How do you build rapport with your cross functional teams?”“How do you manage up?”

Session #6: Wrap Up
Wrap up any open-ended conversations, reflect on the Learning Lab experience, and provide tangible examples of what you’ve learned and how you will use it moving forward.

Step 6: Provide Feedback & Become an Alumni

Feedback Survey
At the end of the cohort, we’d love your answers on our end of course feedback survey in order to make improvements to our program.

Interested in teaching a future cohort? We’d love alumni to become professors and are happy to chat with you further.


• This is a 12 week Learning Lab
• This is an application based program and you can fill out the application below
• There is a non-refundable $150 application fee
• The overall cost of the Learning Lab is $1600 USD, no refunds.

• 3 month commitment (6 sessions total) is required
• Meetings will happen every other week for 90 minutes
• Attendance is required. You must attend 5/6 sessions to receive the certificate
• Engagement in both the Learning Lab sessions + Slack channel are required
• Homework will be decided upon by the Learning Lab Professor and is expected to be complete by the next session
• Time commitment will vary between 1-2hrs on session off weeks

Read Code of Conduct


Cohorts are built to speed up your leveling-up as a DesignOps professional. The value of cohorts translate into a more confident and empowered you, and resources to help you increase your annual income.

2023 Cohort Pass



• Six 90 minute virtual sessions
• Access to industry resources
• Access to instructors via Slack
• Office hours throughout the course

After 12 weeks you'll leave with:

• More confidence in your DesignOps skills
• Frameworks to troubleshoot common challenges
• A support group of peers

Need financial assistance? We want to make sure finances don't get in the way of your success in DesignOps. If you are unemployed or a student, please let us know in your application and we’ll see how we can help.

Need to convince your boss?


“Learning Labs helped me organize my career into an Ops focus and helped me find the language to what I was doing. Also when I was interviewing – the jobs board was critical and I got a few interviews from there.”

Amanda Cofelt

Designer, Callrail

“DOA has helped me to shape my current role, providing me with great resources, knowledge and networking, as well as the feeling of belonging to a community.”

Amanda Cofelt

Designer, Callrail

“I was able to put the practice of design ops to the test and got a promotion and a new job. I met wonderful people when I attended my first learning lab.”

Amanda Cofelt

Designer, Callrail