DOA Chapters

DOA has multiple chapters globally, and we’re continuously growing.









DOA Chapters around the world

Local chapters offer an opportunity to bring together local DesignOps communities to connect to what is going on in their city with the broader DesignOps world.

APAC (Asia Pacfic)

APAC Chapter

Chapter Leads

Mishy Walter

Head of Design Operations, ANZ Bank

Wolfram Thrum

Head of DesignOps, Gojek


Atlanta Chapter

Chapter Leads

Jamie McAtee

Sr. DesignOps Manager, Honeywell

Matt Cowley

Sr. UX Architect at Duck Creek Technologies

Bay Area

Bay Area Chapter

Chapter Leads

Lindsey Pollock

Design Operations

Anel Muller

Director of Experience Design Operations, Expedia


Brazil Chapter

Chapter Leads

Janaina Moreira

Accessibility Design Ops at Itaú

Leonardo Lohmann

Product Design and Operations Lead, Encora Inc

Diego S. Andrade

DesignOps, hodop


Canada Chapter

Chapter Leads

Davis Neable

Design Leadership & Operations, Okta

Jadyn Aguilar

Head of Design Operations and UX Research, Gusto

Jen Bombis

Senior Program Lead, Growth, Manulife

Tim Chow

Senior Digital Designer for Best Buy Ads, Best Buy Canada

DC Metro

DC Metro Chapter

Chapter Leads

Mark Figueredo

Sr Manager Design Operations , T. Rowe Price

Kristina Hopkins

Design Program Manager, General Motors

Emily Garton

Senior UX Manager, Expel


Denver-Boulder Chapter

Chapter Leads

Jon Fukuda

Co-Founder & CXO,

Jess Smith

UX Content Leader, Consultant

Latin America

LATAM Chapter

Chapter Leads

Alex Mengoni

DesignOps Manager, Huge

Lore Pasos

DesignOps Manager, Digital@FEMSA

Grisel Villaverde

Service Design Lead, Derrama Magisterial

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chapter

Chapter Leads

Dane Gonzalez

Design Program Manager, Yahoo

New York

New York Chapter

Chapter Leads

Tim Gilligan

Director Chief of Staff, Capital One

Natalie Lang

Sr. Design Program Manager, Github


Paris Chapter

Chapter Leads

Gregory Roy

Group DesignOps Leader, Thales

Nicolas Chatelain

Design System Designer, Orange


Poland Chapter

Chapter Leads

Ania Wojcieszczak

Design Operations & Culture Manager

Lidia Olszewska

Design Operations Manager at Oyster

Maria Bukowińska

DesignOps Manager at Netguru


Portugal Chapter

Chapter Leads

António Abreu

Head of Product Strategy & Design, Bliss Applications

Isabella Simão

Design Manager, Bliss Applications


Richmond Chapter

Chapter Leads

Tess Dixon

DesignOps Leader

Joe Wiertel

Manager, Design Program Manager at Meta

San Diego

San Diego Chapter

Chapter Leads

Samira Jolly

Sr. Design Program Manager, Intuit


Seattle Chapter

Chapter Leads

Lillian Szügyi

Design Program Manager


Sweden Chapter

Chapter Leads

Heidi Ettanen

Head of DesignOps, H&M

Leila Byron

Senior DesignOps Producer, IKEA

Emily Heaven

Business Support Manager, Volvo Cars



Chapter Leads

Jesse Anton

CEO, Whitespace

Dario Albanesi

UX Consultant & DesignOps Strategist

Alina Cvetkova

UX Design Lead, Valora


Sydney Chapter

Chapter Leads

Daphne Bourne

DesignOps Practice Lead, Atlassian

Maggie Dieringer

Design Program Manager, Canva


Texas Chapter

Chapter Leads

Lisa Guebtner

Head of DesignOps,

Katie Bingham

Sr. Manager, Design Operations, H-E-B


UK Chapter

Chapter Leads

Corinne Odeurs

Emerging Solutions & Innovation Programme Director, SAMY Alliance

Matt Gottschalk

Leading Design Operations, The Stepstone Group

Rahul (Raz) Baxi

Design Operations Manager at NEW EE, BT Group

Zoe Seaman

Digital Operations & Strategy Lead, Asda